There is only one place you can learn about the latest work revolution, understand new work platforms, get a true handle on the voice of the customer and figure out how to effectively utilize video. The 3rd ExperiPro Growth Summit was poised to provide outstanding information on business growth, and did not disappoint.

Setting the stage, Yours Truly launched the event with a challenge (of course). To remember what is was like to be a child. Those days when creativity was boundless. When you believed you could do anything you wanted. When the idea of being an astronaut was just as probable as being a cowboy. Either would work. Those days when nothing could stand in your way.

The speakers then took the stage, weaving us through multiple fascinating topics. First was Terri Maxwell, CEO of Succeed on Purpose, on the New World of Work. Not familiar? You should be. ”Those who embrace this new world of work will thrive. Those who don’t will become extinct.” You see, The New World of Work is here. Jobs did not go away during the recession – they are simply in a different format. A virtual format that supports global competition of every job. Here’s the kicker – 80% of jobs created on virtual platforms are in the U.S. Yet the majority of Americans don’t even know where to look to find these jobs.

Speaking of virtual platforms, Tim Houlne, CEO of Working Solutions, stepped up next to explain exactly what these platforms are, how to maximize them, and why they are critical to our future. Ever heard of oDesk, ELance, or Mechanical Turk? Well, you need to know them, and know them well. You see, these are not some fly by night job posting platforms. These are the virtual platforms that house global workers who are competing for the very jobs we thought left during the recession. Right now there is someone bidding on a job that used to be performed in a cube. Now, it’s done in the cloud. From Cube to the Cloud – it’s a reality.

Are you Wired and Dangerous? According to John R. Patterson, if you are a customer, then yes, you are. Customers are empowered and louder than ever before. Now customers expect to be spoken to in short, frequent updates that require you to understand what they want, when they want it, and how they want to receive it. If you don’t know, you will be left behind while your competition happily takes care of what used to be your customer. It is no longer enough to meet expectations. Now, customers want a WOW. If you can’t deliver that WOW, consistently, then your customer will loudly tell everyone they know – and don’t know – via social media platforms how you did not deliver. Time to pick up the pace on your customer service and ensure that you are delivering – every time.

Rounding out our excellent speakers was Mark McGovern, VP of AMS Pictures. Mark provided absolutely fascinating statistics on video and why it is critical that we embrace it as a normal part of our content strategy.

  • 60% of people will watch a video over reading.
  • Web sites with video are 53 times more likely to receive a first page ranking on Google.
  • 59% of executives prefer video.

Not sure where to start? Not to worry. Mark outlined what you needed to do to get started, including developing scripts, getting a system in place, and not to worry about having a large number of high-quality videos. If you have a product, doing a product demo even on a limited budget will pay off in a huge way.

The entire evening was beautifully emceed by Jeff Brady, CEO of Brady Media Group and Host of KTXD’s The Texas Daily. We finished up the evening with a lively auction for fabulous items that supported our fund raising for Autism Speaks. Together with contributions from our sponsors and ticket sales we raised over $2,000. Overall the event was a huge success. You were there, right? If not, then you must definitely make the next one!

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