We help our clients develop strategies to navigate the challenges of business growth. We achieve this with our award winning growth assessment methodologies to gather market intelligence, and our expertise in turning this into actionable insights.

Get started today with our online Business Performance Assessment, where we examine the five key areas essential to growth: Market Dynamics, Customer Knowledge, Customer Experience, Operations, and Business Strategy.

Our Services


Brand Perception Studies

Get THE TRUTH about your brand: how customers view it, how you match up with competition, what people think (real and perceived) about your products/services and more!

Customer Experience Mapping

Uncovering all the touch points where your customers come in contact with your organization is critical to becoming a customer-centric organization. During our customer experience mapping, we leverage our third-party perspective to uncover the real and perceived experience your customers have when interacting with your brand from sales to order processing, and marketing to support.

Online Discussion Forums

We maximize the benefits of virtual technology via online social interaction and consumer engagement. Discussion Forums can be the perfect solution to reach busy or geographically dispersed groups of people. These groups are typically run for 3-4 days and often coupled with an offline activity – such as mystery shopping, dining, or a product/service evaluation. This allows you to gather the most in-depth customer insights.

Innovative Research

Our expertise with traditional focus groups, online surveys and desk research will uncover the information you need and turn it into actionable insights to support critical business decisions.

Customer Engagement & Loyalty

We’ll help you develop ways to reach customers, engage them and turn them into loyal advocates and brand ambassadors. With these valuable insights, we create a culture of collaboration for your organization, where the customer is the co-creator of product innovation and the brand experience.


Target Market Analysis & Segmentation

One size does not fit all! We will help you figure out key differences about your target market. Where do they live? How/where do the purchase? How do they consume content? We know how to find out the most important information about your target audience so that you can effectively connect with them.

Competitive Assessment

Your customers have choices: conducting a competitive assessment will help inform key business decisions. It typically involves researching your competitors to understand their products and services, their market share, marketing strategies, and strengths & weaknesses.

Customer Contact Strategy

We create strategies that allow you to effectively connect and communicate with your customer at every touchpoint. We help you understand what is most important to your customers, what drives their purchase behavior, and what areas deserve your focus – with the customer at the center of the decision-making process.

Marketing Performance Audit

We’ll provide a comprehensive review of your marketing performance and how it’s impacting your returns and key performance indicators. We’ll evaluate the resources, strategies, costs, processes and all elements of your marketing efforts to find out what’s working and what needs improvement.

Market Feasibility/Definition

Our market feasibility analysis allow us to capture the most important information about a target market, including an in-depth view of demographics, industries, market conditions, geographical breakdowns, environmental factors and more. Using these insights, we can help you narrow your field of prospects from “anyone” to the “right ones.”


Brand Development

We take brand messaging to the next level by ensuring your target audience knows who you are, what you stand for and what problems you can solve for them. With a thorough understanding of your customers and your target market, we develop a set of core messages that form the basis for all communications, as well as articulate your message through a strong and relevant visual brand.

Go-to-Market Strategic Planning

Our proven Go-to-Market Model takes a holistic view of all key aspects of your organizational strategy – market/buyer, product, channels, marketing, implementation/support and customer evaluation – in order to arrive at the right brand and marketing strategy and core message platform that resonates with the target market and drives growth.

Marketing Planning

Now that you understand your target market, your competitive position and the value of your brand, you need a marketing plan to meet your growth objectives.  An effective marketing plan will ensure you’re doing the right things, on time and within budget.

Product Positioning & Launch

Because we understand your brand, customer experience and your business goals, we can help you develop highly effective product launch strategies. We’ll then provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step strategy that starts with the development of your product/service positioning, evaluating your current channels, as well as opportunities to reach customers through others, and all the way though the delivery process.

Packaging & Pricing Strategy

Branding and marketing are important, but if your product/service is poorly priced or packaged, it can minimize or ruin your chances for success. Our team of experts will make sure those details are fully integrated into the bigger picture.

A great strategy is only as good as your ability to implement it. Our sister-brand, Pro-Activation, was launched in 2016 to focus on brand activation – executing marketing strategy by delivering a clear, consistent message across channels.