Proactivation_FINALThere’s a new brand in town, and it’s all about brand activation. ExperiPro is pleased to announce the launch of Pro-Activation LLC, a sister company specializing in marketing execution, delivered by a team of highly experienced niche consultants.

Pro-Activation focuses on executing marketing strategy by delivering a clear, consistent message across channels. Pro-Activation is not a traditional marketing agency. It is a network of senior-level marketing professionals – solopreneurs and niche agencies – who share a common bond: excellence in execution, with a commitment to measurable outcomes.

The Pro-Activation model builds upon ExperiPro’s existing consulting framework, which was founded in 2003. When David Slatter became president & CEO of ExperiPro in 2010, he enhanced the company’s service offerings with relevant, actionable insights. In 2014, Gayle Goodman brought her clients and expertise in integrated marketing communication and strategy to the firm. Together, they built the ExperiPro brand to focus on the development of holistic, insights-driven marketing strategies for organizations.

As the team grew and evolved, it became clear there are two sides of the marketing house. One focuses on developing marketing strategies linked to organizational goals to drive growth, and the other activates the brand through execution. While both sides must work closely together, the expertise required for each is different.

“Just as you wouldn’t hire an electrician to fix a broken pipe, you wouldn’t hire a research analyst to launch an integrated digital marketing campaign,” said David Slatter, president and CEO of ExperiPro. “As marketing becomes increasingly complex, it is difficult for one organization to claim to be all things to all people and still be nimble enough to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape.”

Pro-Activation was created to address the complexity of marketing today. Unlike a top-down agency model, Pro-Activation’s consultants, who are independent business owners working through a larger network, team by experience to deliver tactical execution guided by sound strategy.

“Organizations cannot hire all the expertise they need in-house on a full-time basis, so we can provide clients with the right resources, when and how they need them,” said Gayle Goodman, president and CEO of Pro-Activation. “At the same time, as more and more experts leave corporate jobs to run their own small businesses, we can provide a way for them to come together to find meaningful work.”

Gayle will serve as president & CEO of Pro-Activation and will be responsible for building and leading the teams, and she and David will serve as executive advisors to both brands.

In addition to serving clients, both companies are committed to serving the profession and will provide unique professional development, networking and new business opportunities for consultants who work under the two brands.

More information about Pro-Activation can be found on the company’s website at