Relationships by their nature are individual and personal, so if you want to improve your customer relationships then you have to listen to what each has to say. When was the last time you took the time to really find out if your current customers are satisfied with your products and services- what about quality, delivery, ordering process, technical support, documentation etc, etc? The very act of engaging with your customers and asking for their opinion shows that you value their business and the relationship you have with them.

Every time you come into contact with one of your customers or prospects, you have the opportunity to improve that relationship. And, when you improve the relationship with one customer, it’s one less customer that is likely to consider abandoning you for your competitor.

This also reminds me a great saying “listen with your mouth shut”. All too often we use the opportunity of a customer interaction to try to sell them something. So rather than calling up your favorite customer to tell them about a great new product or service they just can’t be without, try just asking them what’s on their mind and how can you help them instead.

Focus on serving not selling.

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