The ExperiPro Experts Panel is a group of senior-level thought leaders in our network (but outside of our organization) who participate in periodic surveys about topics of interest within the marketing and communications industry.

Our most recent panel involved the topic of customer journey mapping and whether our Experts’ companies use this method, and how they communicate with internal audiences to build a culture around this knowledge. Here are the results:

  • 20% told us they have a complete understanding of their organization’s customer touchpoints, while 65% have a partial understanding.
  • Some organizations have taken a formal approach to conducting a customer journey mapping, however 60% have yet to tackle this, with another 18% currently in the middle of the exercise.
    When asked why this has not yet been done in their organizations, almost half stated it was not a priority, while 40% mentioned limited bandwidth as the issue. Only 5% say they are not convinced of the benefit.
  • Almost everyone acknowledged they should directly involve customers in the process, and the majority (75%) believed front-line employees should be engaged. Surprisingly, one in three had not, or will not, involve senior management. Not surprising, however, was that one in three stated that internal communications had been badly managed in their program. We suspect a direct correlation between the lack of senior management engagement and poor results.

With regard to the outcomes and implementation of any changes, almost 50% said significant operational/organizational changes resulted from their touchpoint analysis, with only 8% indicating that no changes were required (congratulations!).

Overall, the good news is that our Experts agree on the benefit of conducting customer journey mapping, and most also acknowledge the importance of engaging front-line employees. The trick, we believe, is to be sure to 1) involve senior management, and 2) develop a solid strategy for internal communications.

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