The single most powerful differentiator for many companies is to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Customers are on a journey to find brands whom they believe really want their business.

Truly understanding the customer experience requires creating a comprehensive map of touchpoints along the journey. This map should outline every touchpoint and the dependencies between them. It starts from the time a customer becomes aware of your product or service and continues through the buying phase and into post-purchase. Just as important as tangible touchpoints, it’s also important include all the internal processes and interactions the customer does not directly see in your analysis (such as how an order is fulfilled).

This is a highly collaborative process and must have key stakeholder support across the organization and must include front-line customer facing staff alongside other support functions. However, the single most important voice in this process belongs to the customer. Reach out and engage them directly in the process, and don’t just gather their inputs – include them in defining and evaluating the changes that are being considered.

Want to understand this topic better? Watch our short two-minute video overview of the customer experience mapping process.

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