ExperiPro is an insights-driven marketing and brand strategy firm. Our passion is to help our clients become their customers’ first choice.

We create strategies and go-to-market plans designed to improve customer engagement, increase revenue and drive growth.

Everything we do is driven by insights.


  • Customer experience audit
  • Brand perception studies
  • Customer loyalty
  • Marketing impact audits
  • Sales insights
  • Market research & surveys
  • Traditional focus groups & online discussion forums


  • Marketing strategy/planning
  • Go-to-Market/product launch
  • Brand strategy/development
  • Product/service positioning
  • Channel strategies
  • Packaging & pricing strategies
  • Market segmentation & target market identification


  • Visual & Verbal Brand
  • Digital marketing
  • Websites & SEO
  • Marketing communication/collateral
  • Internal communication/culture
  • Environmental & servicescape branding
  • Interim or fractional personnel

ExperiPro is honored to work with brands in a variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, finance and logistics, to name a few.